Mermaid To Mermaid

  • The Pink Coast Presented By Taylor Slater

    Join us at The Montauk Beach House this Friday, August 16 as we celebrate the launch of multi-medium artist Taylor Slater's newest collection The Pink Coast! We're so inspired by her sunsets, beaches and philanthropy. Find out more about her in this exclusive Sea Dipped interview.
  • Beach Bag Essentials

    It's no secret that we'd live at the beach if we could. For now, though, we'll settle for long, sunny beach days whenever we can. To avoid leaving the beach every few hours, we've nailed packing a beach bag down to a science. Below is a list of beach bag essentials you must have with you for a day of oceanside fun.
  • An Interview With SEE Turtles

    Giving back has been a core value for our brands since the day we started. Since 2016, we've been partners with SEE Turtles, a non-profit that protects endangered sea turtles. For this week’s blog post, we sat down with the non-profit co-founder, Brad Nahill, who will explain their mission and how we can all be just a little bit more mindful when it comes to preserving marine life.
  • Behind The Brand

    Get to know Sea Dipped founder and designer Hattie Gilpin and how her lifestyle influences the brand and our unique pieces. She shares her creative process, her favorite memories from the beach, her favorite sea creature, and more.