Behind The Brand

Earlier this week, we sat down with Sea Dipped founder and designer, Hattie Gilpin and rapid-fire asked her questions about her life in relation to the ocean. Our goal: to better share how her lifestyle and passion for the ocean influences the brand and our unique pieces. Keep reading for some of our favorite things she had to say.

What’s one sea-related fun fact about yourself? 

When I was little I would make aquariums in the tide pools at low tide. I would collect shells and use my brother's bait fish to fill my aquarium. I would spend HOURS making drizzle castles and "training" my fish. I would even name them!

How did you start Sea Dipped?

Funny story. I moved to New York to climb the corporate ladder and after two years I realized I no longer wanted to build hotels. I did what any millennial would do in my situation and quit my job, started dog walking and made jewelry by night in my shoe box apartment. Full disclosure: I spent most of my time chasing beads and loops around my apartment. I quickly learned that I needed a mentor in the jewelry world because there was only so many questions you could ask Siri before she ran out of professional-level answers. I found a job at a jewelry store in the West Village and learned everything I could before going off on my own. 

Where do you find your shells?

I find my shells when I am lucky enough to go to the beach. This becomes hard because I no longer have the beach as my back yard (heartbreaking, I know). When I am lucky enough to spend a few days on a coastline, I'll look at the tide chart and wake up to walk the beach as the tide is going out. While I walk, I drink my morning coffee, think about Sea Dipped...what new projects I would like to start and what needs to happen with current projects. I find most of my shells during these walks, as it is when I am the most inspired. 

What is your favorite spot you have vacationed so far?

My favorite location spot is Litchfied, South Carolina, where we went on family vacations when I was growing up. I have a lot of memories playing on the beach, making aquariums, playing "dolphin", and swimming in the ocean. 

What is your creative process? 

A lot of my creative process happens on the beach as I find the shells. I picture what types of pieces they can turn into once they’re dipped in gold and paired with the right chain. 

If you could be a sea animal - what would you be?

I would definitely be an Orca whale -  It's actually on my bucket list to work alongside a marine biologist and study whale migration patterns. It is amazing how intelligent these animals are. They are extremely emotional and each pod has their own language and hunting strategy. They are loyal, playful, and extremely powerful creatures. 

What is the one thing you cant go to the beach without?

My bikini - DUH.