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Sea Dipped Inspirational
These days we are all learning how to live simply. The noise has been temporarily put on hold and we are able to sit still. I have learned that working from home has an entirely new meaning. I spend 24 hours a day at home, social distancing. My days are filled with working from home, working out at home, eating every meal at home, and socializing from home through Facetime and Zoom. 

During this time I have found myself getting lost in my thoughts and being unsure what to do with my time when I am not working. I wanted to share a few ideas that you can do to fill voids and create outlets that may be needed:

  • Get crafty, pick up a paintbrush. Sketch, draw or paint. I try to do this once a day. 
  • Pick up a journal and write. A goal of mine was to always write a children's book. I have currently written four short stories. (I plan to shares these at some point!)
  • Make a list of things that you have always wanted to learn, do, and accomplish. Start executing these things and hold yourself accountable!
  • Home workouts are VERY helpful for me. I have spent a lot of time looking on youtube at workouts and scrolling Pinterest. I'll share the workouts I have created next week. (I personally love starting my day with a sweat sesh!)
  • Youtube, take this time to learn new things! Yes, I recently learned how to properly apply makeup. (Did you know: using your fingers for application is frowned upon?)
  • Duolingo - Yes, I am currently learning Spanish. This is something I have always wanted to do and I am finally sitting down and learning.
  • Have a dance sesh, this might sound silly but imagine yourself dancing under the stars, sunkissed, with salty hair. Have you ever felt freer? Trust me. Turn on your favorite playlist, put on your headphones, and be free, get lost in the moment. 
  • Write letters. Tell your friends and loved ones that you are thinking of them. Also - decorate it, add some character to the page. 

Okay, I will stop now. There is no pressure to be ridiculously productive right now, Hang in there, we will all get through this together! Sending lots of love and elbow taps! XOX