About Us

Designer, Hattie Gilpin, created a collection inspired by her favorite creatures from the ocean. Conceptually simple, yet organically complex all of her pieces are timeless designs with a universal, quirky appeal. Hand-crafted from precious metals under Gilpin’s meticulous eye, each piece is designed with the versatility of the wearer in mind.

The Products:

  • Design: Each ‘inspiration’ piece is sourced by Gilpin from beaches around the world. The shells or creatures are then cast in a selection of either 24K gold or sterling silver and hand-crafted into a final design.
  • Sustainability Sourced: Sea Dipped uses only ethically-sourced shells.
  • Mission: Our ultimate mission is to support innovative ocean preservation nonprofits. We believe the ocean and its inhabitants are nature’s greatest gift to humanity, and consistently devise fundraising initiatives for said charities.  

     “Whether she's lounging poolside in Palm Springs wearing a teeny bikini, or walking a red carpet in the middle of a New York winter, each piece from this collection should make her smile. There’s something about always keeping a piece of summer with you that gives anyone a subtle elegance.” – Hattie Gilpin 

    Sea Dipped Gold Shell Jewelry

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